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    You’ve walked past Sadler Lawn and seen it covered with campaign signs hundreds of times. You’ve received Facebook invitations from nine different campaign groups. You’ve even eaten a fortune cookie in Eden’s endorsing a candidate.Student Government Association candidates are using all available outlets to get the word out about their personal platforms.

    From going green to off-campus dining to 24-hour library access, SGA hopefuls are voicing their concerns on personal Web sites, online speeches and YouTube videos.

    But do you know enough about them to make an informed decision Tuesday?

    Download the printable voter’s guide

    Read the candidates’ profiles and watch videos of them discussing campus issues:
    SGA president: Nate Arnold, Daniel Becker, Justin Brown, Thomas Pressly
    SGA vice president: Brett Major, Haley Murphy
    SGA treasurer: Jacob Barnes, Perry Cunningham
    PC chair: Kristen Chapman