CD Review: Christian rock band’s debut CD worthy of praise


    Nevertheless’ debut album, “Live Like We’re Alive,” combines a positive message with a refreshing sound.Comparable to popular Christian pop/rock band Relient K, Nevertheless plays with a profound purpose. The lyrics touch on subjects such as heartache and shame but never stray from themes of hope and humility.

    Josh Pearson’s soothing lead vocals add depth to the calming sound of the band’s music without lulling its audience to sleep.

    “Live Like We’re Alive,” which hit stores last week, is mellow enough to play in the background while studying or relaxing. Despite this, it is also vibrant and inspiring enough to listen to while driving or exercising.

    In the album, upbeat, catchy melodies are highlighted by ever-changing musical dynamics, soulful lyrics and the strong rhythms of Adam Rowe on the drums. Pearson’s voice finds euphonic harmony when it meets the background vocals of guitarists AJ Cheek and Brad Jones.

    Listeners who appreciate Further Seems Forever will enjoy the music showcased in this CD. But the spiritual substance of Nevertheless’ album sets the band apart from other indie pop/rock bands of a similar sound.

    The album delivers diversity by encompassing a wide range of emotions, making each track distinct and purposeful. From the guitar-driven and inspirational lyrics of “The Real” to the slower, more pensive “Time,” this CD relates to its audience on many different levels.

    The title track, “Live Like We’re Alive,” calls listeners to their feet with the lyrics, “So here I stand/I’m ready for anything/Just a man, but I’m giving everything/We’re here only for a second and then/We’re gone when we least expect it/So do more than survive/Let’s live like we’re alive.”

    The band has already received praise from Relient K’s Matthew Thiessen, who is quoted on Nevertheless’ album cover saying “Nevertheless’ new record makes me a happy camper. Even when I’m not camping. The songs are amazing, and they’re well written. Kudos to the band for having such a strong debut.”

    With the production of James Paul Wisner – think Dashboard Confessional – as well as lyrical help from Kevin Kadish, who has worked with Jason Mraz and Rob Thomas, Nevertheless’ album is backed by a winning team. The band’s impressive debut shows that Nevertheless is a band to listen to now as well as in the future.

    A good buy for fans of: Relient K, Further Seems Forever and Jimmy Eat World.