Chancellor visits SGA to answer questions


    Chancellor Victor Boschini attended Tuesday’s SGA meeting to answer questions on anything from on-campus housing requirements to campus construction.Brian Andrew, SGA treasurer, wanted to know if the on-campus housing requirement will be changed.

    The chancellor said the on-campus housing requirement will be increased to two years.

    “That is why we are building these new facilities,” he said. “We always encourage students to live on campus.”

    However, Boschini said this change has yet to be finalized and he does not know when the two-year requirement will be implemented.

    Boschini also announced that the final plans for building the new bookstore will be finished later this month. The construction schedule for it is still to be determined, he said.

    “We are really excited about Barnes & Noble joining with us to build the new bookstore,” he said. “Students can look forward to their future bookstore that will include a restaurant in an area of the building.”

    Sheldon Pearson, a senior finance major, asked the chancellor about his opinions on the University of Texas’ student government trying to stop taxes from being placed on textbooks.

    The chancellor said he agrees with the students’ efforts.

    “I think that students should come together against taxes on textbooks,” he said.

    Austin Uebele, chair of University Affairs for SGA, asked Boschini what he thought about the idea of hiring art students to paint the new student union.

    Having art students paint murals in the student union would be a great way to make the building belong more to the students, Boschini said.

    “After all, it is the student union center,” he said. “It should reflect the students.