Changes pending in sushi options


    TCU Dining Services is planning to change how sushi will be offered on campus throughout the remainder of the semester and into following years.”In fall, we are going to renovate the Far East section of The Main, and sushi will be the premier offering,” said Legia Aboto, district marketing manager for Sodexho, the food management company with which TCU has a contract.

    The major question is whether to continue offering the prepackaged units or change to a made-to-order style of sales, said Rick Flores, general manager for Sodexho.

    There are plans to have select nights, most likely in the middle of the week, when sushi can be made to order up front in Far East in order to acclimate the workers to the provided area and see what can be done with it, Flores said

    “It will be cool to allow students to call out their orders and have the sushi rolled right in front of them,” Flores said.

    In the week before spring break, The Main offered sushi every day and averaged a daily sale of 230 units, Flores said. Prior to it being offered in The Main, sushi had been sold in Frog Bytes where it had been averaging about 100 units per day.

    “We do not know whether it was The Main or the fact that it is now known to be prepared fresh that have led to the near doubled sales,” Aboto said.

    A change in sushi pricing for both the packages and made-to-order units is also under consideration.

    “Anything made to order will cost more than prepackaged sushi since it will be a premium product,” Aboto said.

    Still, some students are unsure about eating the sushi on campus.

    Sophomore nursing major Amy Gilmore said although the one time she ate the on-campus sushi she got sick, she would most likely eat it again as long as she knew it was fresh.

    Rachel Sauer, a sophomore entrepreneurial management major, said she only eats sushi when she knows it is made fresh.

    “Being able to see that the sushi is made fresh is better than picking up a package that you don’t know when it was made,” she said.

    Junior marketing major Calli Corley said that although she is skeptical about cafeteria sushi, a specific place will make it both easier and more ideal for students.

    Although Dining Services has been seriously considering these changes since the early part of the semester, for right now, the campus’ sushi will continue to be rolled daily and prepackaged for sale in The Main.