Cheryl Tucker has been working at the campus Starbucks for three years


    Students at TCU can enjoy Union Grounds’ selection of Starbucks coffee and treats, but what many appreciate most is that it is open into the late hours of the night when caffeine is often needed most. Cheryl Tucker has been working at the establishment for the past three years. She takes the night shift starting at around 6 p.m. until 2:15 or 3:15 a.m.

    When does the general crowd come in during those times?

    “Usually from about 8 to 10 and then I get another crowd about 12 to 1.”

    Do you ever encounter any intoxicated students?

    “Of course, they usually just laugh and talk saying, “Oh Ms. Cheryl, forgive me.’ They are not a problem usually.”

    Do you struggle to be patient that late at night?

    “No, it’s not a struggle. I guess that’s just part of me.”

    Are you more of a night person?

    “Yes, I am. I like that because it’s a night shift I can do more of the necessary things in the morning. I get most of my sleeping done during the day.”

    Are most of the students that come in taking a study break or just stopping in after a night out?

    “They like coming in and stocking up for the next day. They like coming in to get coffee, and to study. They like coming in for everything.”

    Do you enjoy talking with the students?

    “Yeah, I enjoy talking to them, I really do. Some of them they have me laughing, but I still enjoy talking to them.”

    What is a popular drink choice?

    “The most popular thing that people come in to get is either going to be the white mocha or creme ice of some kind. They call them the frappuccinos but we call them the creme ice here.”