Clean up your own mess, please


    College provides a taste of independence and freedom. But independence does not mean a lack of respect for those around us.

    Students should better represent themselves by taking a few seconds out of their schedules to clean up their own messes.

    “Being part of this global community means taking care of what’s around us,” said General Manager of Dining Services Rick Flores. “Everything here belongs to TCU, and we should always leave things a little better than the way we found them.”

    Cleaning up after oneself shows respect not only for Dining Services, but also for other students. Campus is home to more than 7,000 Horned Frogs, many who rely primarily on the Main for meals.

    “There are trash cans in every corner,” said Karen Estrada, a junior economics and finance major. “Some people are too lazy to go to the nearest trash can, and some people take everything for granted.”

    Respecting TCU property should extend beyond the walls of campus dining rooms as well.

    “We’re here to provide a service, and we will,” said Legia Abato, marketing manager for Dining Services. “But we don’t have as much control when students leave our dining area. You walk across campus, and you’ll find a cup or a pizza box.”

    Students should take the initiative to keep campus looking nice and make faculty and staff feel appreciated.

    The sole purpose of college is not simply to teach students skills for their future careers – it is also a time for students to become mature adults.

    “If you want my respect, you should show some too,” said Sandra Camp, a cashier in the Main.

    Dining Services’ cashiers and servers work hard every day. The least we can do is show them some respect and gratitude by cleaning up after ourselves.

    Opinion editor Jordan Cohen for the editorial board