Comedy troupe finds performance space in ballroom

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    After losing its performance space last semester and bouncing from location to location each week, Senseless Acts of Comedy has finally found a permanent home.SAC will perform its first show of the semester Thursday in the Student Center Ballroom, said Michael Flusche, a junior advertising/public relations major and SAC president.

    In the past, the student comedy troupe has performed at Frog Theater, Moudy Building North, the Sid Richardson Building and even in the Student Center Lounge.

    Last semester, after Cyndi Walsh, director of student organizations, informed the group it was no longer allowed to perform in Moudy, the group was left without a performance space.

    The troupe protested its removal from Moudy by wearing tin foil, wigs and paper bags to look “homeless,” Flusche said.

    “We were kicked out of Moudy,” said Justin Kirchhoff, senior criminal justice major and SAC member. “We messed around with some things, and it was our fault. We gave up on fighting and ended up at the Ballroom, which has been my favorite place to perform.”

    Flusche said he is looking forward to performing in the Student Center.

    “I’m really excited about performing in the Ballroom.” Flusche said. “It is a really great venue. It’s the best place to have performances.”

    This semester, SAC will incorporate new ideas into their shows, including different sketch shows and doing dubs over movies, Flusche said.

    “We are trying to change the format of the show, make it more fan-friendly and entertaining,” Flusche said. “We want to master the art of improv to make a better show.”

    Though the group has gone through many lineup changes since the it started in 2002, Kirchhoff said he thinks it has found the perfect lineup.

    “There wasn’t room for eight members, and there was drama with the guys,” Kirchhoff said. “We have never had a great four-person show either. Six is a great number.”

    Despite changes in venues, lineups and skits, one thing hasn’t changed: the price.

    SAC will continue to put on the performances for free, Kirchoff said.

    “When Andrew Hamer started this group, he wanted to put on free performances for the campus,” Kirchhoff said. “We are all poor college students, so even if it was a dollar, people might still be unsure to go.”

    In April, the troupe will perform a special “surprise” show, Kirchhoff said. Members aren’t allowed to say what they will be doing but are excited to put on that performance, he said.

    Although the group has gone through many changes, faculty adviser Kathy Hamer said the group remains as close as ever.

    The troupe even circles up for prayer before every show, Hamer said.

    “There is just a goodness in them,” Hamer said. “They never let anyone down, and they have always been real close.


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