Comedy troupe protests loss of venue


    Members of Senseless Acts of Comedy were dressed in tin foil, wigs and paper bags Thursday in what they said was an effort to make students aware that SAC may lose their performance space.Members of the group were dressed as homeless people to symbolize that they may not be able to perform in Moudy Building 141 North, after four years of using the room, said Justin Kirchhoff, senior criminal justice major and member of SAC.

    Cyndi Walsh, director of student organizations, said in a Skiff article Wednesday that faculty and staff members, who use Moudy 141, felt their teaching was hindered when SAC used the lecture hall. SAC may not be allowed to perform there because of these complaints, she said.

    Student Organizations staff was unavailable to comment on Thursday’s protest.

    Steve Rupp, a member of SAC, held a sign while standing by the Addison and Randolph statues, which are located near Mary Couts Burnett Library, that said “Evil Emperor Xenu took all my Moudy.”

    Rupp, a sophomore psychology major, said the sign was supposed to make students aware of SAC’s loss and to encourage them to attend Thursday evening’s show in the Student Center Ballroom.

    Kirchhoff said the Student Center may not be a permanent option because SAC members are worried that their shows could cause a lot of additional work for the Student Center staff because of the 200-person crowd that the show attracts each week.

    The troupe’s appearance drew quite a stir of laughter among students walking by Thursday morning.

    “I’ve never been to the show, but if they have aluminum on their head, then I’ll go,” said Stephen Elkind, a freshman biology major.

    Michael Flusche, junior advertising/public relations major and member of SAC, said: “The most important thing today is that we gain respect as an organization.”

    Rupp added that, because the show is free, he thinks SAC deserves to have a performance space.

    Ericka Strickland, a sophomore religion major who passed by the protesters. said: “I support the cause because it is a great alternative to Thursday night fun.”

    SAC will meet with the Student Organizations Committee Sept. 7 to decide if SAC will be permitted to use Moudy Building 141 North.