Commentary: Sports editor gives closing thoughts


    In light of the fact that this is the last column I will be running for the semester – tough to swallow, I know – I’ve decided to cram as much information into one article as possible. Here, then, are my unfiltered opinions about all the biggest stories in sports, both foreign and domestic.

    – The TCU men’s basketball team, despite its forgettable 2005-2006 year, has had a very productive offseason. Head coach Neil Dougherty will have at least six new players next season: three freshman signees (one who can play center), one junior college transfer, one player who was redshirted last year and a military prep school student. For a guy with “no contacts,” that’s solid work.

    – Barry Bonds’ greatest sin was not being a cheat or a liar – which he is – but instead putting no importance on being a decent human being. I can almost understand doing what it takes to win, but I’ll never forgive the way he treated other people.

    – Dallas Cowboys fans, enjoy the 2006-2007 season, because it’s likely the only quality one you’ll get out of the Dallas-Terrell Owens marriage. Your team will go deep into the playoffs this year, but expect Owens to single-handedly sink your ship shortly afterward.

    – I’ll admit that my interest in hockey genuinely peaked after the shootout was introduced into the NHL … at least until the rules that made forwards untouchable to guys like Derian Hatcher turned the hottest sport on ice into figure skating.

    – I covered a lot of great performances over the last two semesters, but the TCU women’s basketball team’s victory over Texas A&M on March 19 may ice the cake. Although they were blown out the next game against Rutgers, that win proved that the Lady Frogs, no matter who shows up to play, have grit.

    – I’m telling you, the Mavericks are going to the NBA Finals. I understand that the Spurs are reigning champions and that they have the experience necessary to repeat, but right now, Dallas is a team of destiny. If they don’t do it this year, they never will.

    – One name you might have not heard this semester: Jackson Langat. The senior track runner from Kenya regularly tore up the competition this year, especially in the 800 meters, in which he was a NCAA regional qualifier.

    – Most sports commentary shows should just cut out soccer talk altogether. Most of the hosts and guests don’t know enough about the world’s most popular sport to warrant a conversation, much less ill-deserved criticism.

    Sports editor Travis Stewart is a junior broadcast journalism major from Sugar Land.