Communication not senseless


    Senseless Acts of Comedy will perform in the Student Center Ballroom this semester because the troupe was denied access to Moudy 141 North after teachers complained.The Student Center might be a fine replacement venue for SAC, but the issue should have been resolved through simple communication when the first complaint occurred.

    Keeping facilities in proper order for education should be a priority, but TCU should also work to accommodate student organizations – especially those offering alcohol-free entertainment – something the university eagerly promotes.

    SAC has been performing for four years, and oftentimes, more than 300 students attend its free shows.

    While faculty and staff complained equipment was not respected, they did not speak directly to SAC.

    SAC members said they focused on cleaning up the room and prop closet after these complaints were brought against them, but efforts to discontinue the organization’s use of the room continued.

    The Student Organizations Committee decided last week it could only recommend whether the group should be allowed to use the room or not. Committee members suggested instead, that all interested parties meet to discuss the issue.

    But SAC members decided the fight to keep Moudy 141 North wasn’t worth it.

    The issue is not whether complaints about the misuse of equipment were warranted. Rather, faculty who had qualms about the organization’s use of the room should have approached SAC members directly.

    SAC puts themselves out there through the use of jokes, costumes and props – all in an effort to give students a chance to relax in the midst of a hectic week.

    Faculty members should have been more respectful than to inform SAC a week before the first scheduled show that they were not permitted to use the room.

    –News editor Kathleen Thurber for the editorial board