Contest held to puzzle students


    When is a door not a door?What has four wheels and flies?

    You could find yourself $20 richer Friday if you know the answers.

    Nicolas Sartwell, a senior math major, is holding a riddle contest for TCU students this week.

    Sartwell posted five riddles on the TCU Announce last Monday and is offering cash prize to the first person who answers them correctly.

    “I’m holding this contest because nobody has ever done anything like it before,” Sartwell said. “I guess I also wanted to do this to get just a little recognition before I leave TCU.”

    Jack Lewis, a sophomore Spanish major, said he thinks the contest is a good idea.

    “What a great showing of uniqueness on TCU campus,” Lewis said.

    Sartwell said he expects plenty of people to turn out Friday to answer the riddles.

    “One person has already responded to me with all the answers to the riddles,” Sartwell said. “So I know there will be at least one person there who will win the contest.”

    Lewis, along with other students, said he does not plan to enter the contest.

    Andy Friederichs, a senior finance and management major, said he thinks the contest is a waste of time.

    “Nobody reads the TCU Announce,” Friederichs said.

    Senior Michael Copeland agreed, but said he would enter if the prize was more money.

    “Twenty dollars for five questions is not enough,” Copeland, a physical education major, said. “It should be $20 per question.”

    Sartwell said the contest will continue through coming weeks.

    “Next week’s contest will consist of a lot harder riddles,” Sartwell said. “Perhaps, more created by myself to keep those who are good at searching from finding them in the world.”

    Sartwell said he will accept answers outside of Frog Bytes from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday.