Convocation celebrates year of notable success


    “The future of TCU lies in the connection to our past,” Chancellor Victor Boschini said Wednesday at University Convocation.Students, staff, trustees and members of the Fort Worth community attended Convoation that kicked off the beginning of a new academic year.

    TCU’s Vision In Action plan was the theme of Boschini’s speech.

    “Our Vision In Action planning phase is over,” Boschini said. “We are on to the next level now.”

    He said TCU needs to consider the university’s mission statement and how to make it a reality. Boschini also said TCU needs to consider how to focus on the total university experience, how enriching the living experience will obtain these goals and how to reaffirm the academic principles of both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

    Junior English major Kristin Mueller said that since TCU is expanding, it was good to know that there are major changes taking place inside the classrooms.

    “It was promising to hear that student teacher ratio is going to become 13-to-1 and that they plan to hire more professors and expand the faculty,” Mueller said.

    Boschini said along with making changes to enhance the classrooms, he plans to recruit better students and proposes to have 160 Chancellor’s Scholars by 2020 compared to the current 49 scholars.

    “We want our students to match the quality of the school,” Boschini said. “The Chancellor’s Scholars epitomize TCU’s student potential.”

    TCU’s VIA plan also calls for major renovations to buildings and spaces on campus, including a two-story bookstore, expansions to the Brown-Lupton Student Center and new dance and School of Education buildings, Boschini said.

    “These renovations are going to cost a lot of money, but fundraising is already underway and we are committed to raise the money,” Boschini said.

    Nowell Donovan, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, echoed the Chancellor’s vision saying, “We need to upgrade the spaces where we work, live and play.”

    Boschini recognized Dr. Cathy Collins Block, professor of education, with the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Creative Teacher and Scholar. He also awarded Dr. Nadia Lahutsky, professor of religion, with the Wassenich Award for Mentoring in the TCU Community.

    The VIA plan has an impressive agenda, and TCU is going to benefit greatly from it, Boschini said.

    He said in order to keep TCU’s top 100 university rating, the school must strengthen its teacher-student relationships, continue to deliver personalized classroom experiences and stay focused on the total university experience.

    “TCU has a very unique history,” Boschini said. “It will not be hard to expand on the distinguished past and move into a bright future.”