Costumes under $10 that will make you holler


    Don’t feel like spending $50 on a provocative Disney princess or an overpriced horror costume?

    Here is a list of 12 costume ideas for under $10.

    1. Gangster

    White T-shirt: $4.00 at Walmart

    Borrow baggy, oversized pants from a friend

    Make your own bling from foil

    2. Saintly Figure

    Sheet from home for toga-type dress

    Large cross necklace: $1.99 at Halloween USA

    Rosary and Bible if you already own them

    No shoes necessary!

    Give your blessings at parties, maybe offer baptisms

    3. Ghost

    Sheet from home

    Cut two holes for eyes

    Make SpoOoOoky sounds

    4. Swine Flu

    Pig nose: $3.95 at Magic Etc.

    Carry around a box of tissues, perhaps a syringe

    5. Baby (for boys only)

    Hand towel: $2.79 at Target

    Safety pins

    Fashion the towel in the shape of an old school diaper

    The perfect excuse to act immature.

    6. Bunch o’ Grapes

    Bag of purple balloons: $2.39 at Walmart

    Purple sweatshirt: $7.00 Walmart

    Safety pins

    Blow up the balloons and pin the uninflated ends

    all around your sweatshirt. Juicy!

    7. Bloody Person

    Normal clothes you don’t care about ruining

    Bottle of “blood”: $8.95 at Magic Etc. or

    $6.99 at Halloween USA

    Put “blood” all over your clothes and yourself

    8. Vampire

    Black clothes

    Vampire kit: $5.99 at Halloween USA,

    complete with fangs, make-up

    and sponge, liquid blood capsules and black nails

    Memorize lines from Twilight and repeat

    9. Alter Ego

    Normal clothes

    Alter ego face piece: $1.49 at Halloween USA

    Flesh make-up kit: $3.99 at Halloween USA

    Everyone will think your costume is lame until

    you flip back your hair and AH! You’re disgusting!

    10. Hairy Man

    Normal everyday clothes, with a shirt that can be


    Hairy chest piece: $5.99 at Halloween USA

    Live out your fantasies of being that fat uncle

    11. Horned Frog

    TCU gear you should already have

    Set of horns: $4.95 – $7.95 at Magic Etc.

    Get it, Horned Frog!

    12. Dinner Table

    Cardboard from an old box

    Tablecloth: $2.99 at Walmart

    Cut a whole in the cardboard for your head,

    rest it on your shoulders

    Glue tablecloth on cardboard and then glue napkins

    and utensils on tablecloth

    Perfect for holding drinks and late night snacks

    Derek Kennedy, the owner of Magic Etc. Fort Worth Costume, said that when trying to make a costume for under $10, you want to head to the accessories. This includes not just mouse ears and make-up, but swords, wings, selected wigs and a wide range of noses, from Goofy to Pinocchio.

    If you happen to wait until the very last minute, fear not – it might benefit you! Denise Mayfield, the manager of the Goodwill on Granbury Road, said every Goodwill in Tarrant County is participating in the Midnight Madness Sale, where all items are 50 percent off starting at 8 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 30 and ending at midnight. Whether they have a costume you are looking for or not, Mayfield said they almost always have sheets, t-shirts and oversized clothes that could easily be part of a costume.

    Closest Halloween/Thrift stores to TCU:

    Magic Etc. Fort Worth Costume

    2300 West Fwy

    Fort Worth, TX 76102

    (817) 926-2442

    Halloween USA

    8600 East Fwy

    Fort Worth, TX 76120

    (817) 275-3845

    McCart Thrift Center

    5203 McCart Ave

    Fort Worth, TX 76115

    (817) 921-9971


    6297 Granbury Road

    Fort Worth, TX 76133

    (817) 292-0740