Democrat appeals to students


    Elections in Texas, for the most part, are one-sided, but thanks to this year’s gubernatorial race, this may no longer hold true. Among the candidates we’ve been dealt, Democratic candidate Chris Bell stands out from the crowd. For the younger voting population in Texas, Bell’s policies are the most sound and hold the most promise for a positive change in the state.

    Bell keeps the young voters in mind, focusing on policies that will have a lasting impact on them.

    In a point that hits home, his policy to end tuition deregulation in colleges and universities is a move that will affect many voters. This will allow families with younger children, regardless of their income bracket, to have a greater chance of sending their children to college. His proposal could also halt, or at least slow, the ever-increasing tuition hikes college students currently face.

    Furthermore, as young voters who will face having families and children of their own, Bell’s push for every child in Texas to receive their shots and immunizations under a revamped healthcare system is not only a smart idea, but one important for the children of Texas and their future.

    For many years, the GOP has been the sole voice in Texas government, and although the governor may not wield that much power in our state, another point of view having a say in state politics is as much a necessity as it is a relief. Bell would give Texas a fresh breath of democracy by having a member of the opposing party in the Governor’s Mansion, better representing the people of Texas.

    The editorial board recommends Chris Bell for governor of Texas.

    Opinion editor Ryan Claunch for the editorial board.