Design editor begs for forgiveness


    Each day, something happens that reminds me that I suck at life.Along with Friday’s Skiff, you were given a glorious 2005 Football Preview that I believe not only looked great, but had amazing content about the TCU football team. None of the content of the articles was under my control, only the appearance.

    The problem arises at who received credit.

    Now I write to you all to highlight a name that was not credited: our very own Sports Editor Mike Dwyer.

    Dwyer is a God-among-men at his editorial position, and the only one to blame for him not receiving credit is myself. I made the template and did not put his name on it.

    So, as an apology to Dwyer, I write this short column to thank him for all his hard work. With such an outstanding football team and season ahead of us, I could not be happier that he is the one in control.

    So, Mike, this Bud’s for you (gulp!).

    But it doesn’t stop there. I also forgot to give proper credit to Janelle Stecklein for her help in developing story ideas and content, Brian Wooddell, who helped me design basically the entire special section, and Stephen Spillman, for taking the photograph on the cover. Three more Buds for you guys.

    Man, I need to mess up more often.

    Design Editor Shawn Finer is an economics major from Hurst who realized that he is not perfect after making such mistakes. He is currently recovering from the trauma and doing well.