Employers shouldn’t be steered by public or private schools


    What if the only reason you didn’t land your dream job was because a student who graduated from a large public university took your spot, despite a lower GPA and shorter resume.

    A study by The Wall Street Journal found that large U.S. companies look for prospective employees at state schools instead of private institutions because of the larger student bodies.

    TCU enrollment numbers may be smaller in size than most public universities, but the lower class size doesn’t mean the university is lower in skill level. Hiring based on the number of students at the school is not an appropriate way to pick potential employees.

    Also, class sizes at private universities are much smaller than at public universities, giving students more one on one time with the professor. At TCU, students think they are overwhelmed by the amount of students in a classroom when they are one of 150 students sitting in what seems like a never-ending lecture hall, but at large state schools 150 people seems like a small environment.

    Job applicants shouldn’t be judged by whether they went to a private or public school. They should be judged by their performance at the university. Whether or not someone gets a job should depend on the credentials on the transcript, not the school on the letterhead on the resume.

    Sports editor Madison Pelletier for the editorial board.