Encouraging diversity


    University newspaper: place where all students can express opinionsYesterday’s diversity forum organized by the TCU chapter of the NAACP was a valuable dialogue between students and the administration.

    While we applaud endeavors to create a more diverse campus, the Skiff would like to clarify its position on a few points.

    Claims were made that the Skiff has furthered insensitivity toward minorities by publishing an opinion column that expresses dismay at an awards ceremony for only black leaders and running an editorial cartoon commenting on the number of handicapped parking spaces on campus.

    Those offended by the content of the editorial page must realize that the Skiff’s pages are not reserved for certain views only. Universities from their very creation were designed to be open forums where ideas, no matter how controversial, could be expressed and openly debated.

    Some views may be unpopular, but it is better to debate a subject than censor it. Those wishing to see more diversity in the newspaper are welcome to submit columns, cartoons, news story ideas and letters to the editor expressing their own views.

    In addition, there was talk at yesterday’s forum about making more effort to diversify the editorial staff of the Skiff. Currently, one of our two news editors is an international student, the opinion editor comes from a Jewish background and half of our editorial board is female, including the editor in chief. The Skiff can only be as diverse as the students who are willing to apply for editorial positions, take journalism classes or submit columns.

    Again, the Skiff encourages efforts by all students to help diversify the campus culture at TCU. We welcome new content and urge everyone who has something to say to get in touch with us.

    Photo Editor Emily Goodson for the Editorial Board