Faculty favors plus/minus


    Faculty members voted 46-8 in favor of the plus/minus grading system yesterday in an assembly open to all faculty.The Faculty Senate has already voted on the issue twice; however, this was the first time it has come before the entire faculty.

    Nearly an hour of debate took place before the vote.

    David Grant, a religion professor and member of the Academic Excellence Committee, said the proposed grading system will give TCU grading consistency with other universities, the ability to better distinguish student achievements and provide an incentive for better student performance.

    David Bedford, a Spanish professor and chair of the Faculty Senate Student Relations Committee, said faculty needed to weigh the costs and benefits of the proposed system.

    “We have to consider whether the problems and costs that will result from making this change will be worth going through to make the system better,” Bedford said.

    Those present at the meeting voted 30-15 against a motion to send ballots about the grading system to each faculty member. Instead, faculty members agreed those who felt strongly about the issue and attended the meeting should be the ones to vote on it.

    Jace Thompson, vice president of the Student Government Association, said he was concerned about the low faculty turnout at the assembly.

    “This small group of faculty has been allowed to push a grading system that will affect every student at TCU,” Thompson said.

    Results of an online survey taken by students last week show up to 87 percent of students disagree with the proposed plus/minus system, according to SGA members.

    The survey, as well as the quorum reached by faculty yesterday, will be considered when the vote goes to the Undergraduate Committee and, finally, to the University Committee, said Andrew Fort, former chair of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and liaison to the Academic Excellence Committee.