Faculty Senate sets new agenda


    Employee compensation will be one of the most important issues the Faculty Senate will tackle this semester, said Andy Fort, faculty senate chairman and professor of religion.”We want TCU to be a place where everyone can earn enough to live on,” Fort told an audience of faculty and staff at Monday’s opening luncheon in Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

    The Faculty Senate and Staff Assembly have created a university compensation task force to further examine the issue.

    Other issues the Faculty Senate will confront this semester include the possibility of adopting a plus/minus grading system and creating a more accessible calender of all university events, Fort said.

    Student Government Association President Dave Watson said the Student Center is “dated and insufficient.” He proposed speeding up construction of the new one to meet the needs of future students.

    “Hopefully the incoming class of 2009 can see this project completed before they graduate,” Watson said.

    In his opening statement, Chancellor Victor Boschini said he wants TCU to offer world-class leadership education comparable to Harvard and Duke.

    Boschini credited the recent expansion projects, such as the Grandmarc at Westberry Place residential housing project, to the Vision In Action planning program.

    The project’s development committees have worked to put ideas from town hall forum meetings into action, Boschini said.

    “The town hall-style meetings are a great way for students to communicate with university leaders,” Boschini said. “We are planning on continuing these meetings this year and hopefully forever.