Famous German poet on campus this week


    As part of the first generation born into communist East Germany, Uwe Kolbe became one of the most famous living German poets by writing about his discontent with communism, said Scott Williams, associate professor of German.

    Kolbe will speak at both the Live Oak Reading Series tonight, and in three German classes today and Friday.

    Williams said Kolbe’s first book, Hineingeboren (Born Into), named his generation and spoke out against the things the government was doing. He was even banned from publication for a few years.

    Kolbe will read some of his poetry to students tonight at 6 p.m. in Moudy South 320 as part of the public reading for the Live Oak series, along with American poet Nicky Beer.

    Williams said he would translate Kolbe’s poetry for the audience to understand. The public reading is free and open to the public.