Foo Fighters – “In Your Honour


    Comparing the band’s liner photo with old Nirvana pictures will be the most fun longtime Foo Fighters fans will have with the new disc. Billed as the ultimate Foo album, “In Your Honour,” a two-disc set and the band’s fifth studio album, supposedly offers rock tunes with the energy of the early years, and gives a pure glimpse of the band’s soft side.

    Many of the songs on the first disc are certainly rock, but no more high-energy than those on 2002’s “One by One.” The tunes are more pop than rock in many cases, and some display a tendency to be repetitive and drag on a bit too long.

    The second disc offers listeners a much stronger compilation of tunes, though it is questionable whether the Foo Fighters are the best vehicle for this style of music. The disc is acoustic rock with some occasional jazz elements, courtesy of a guest appearance by Norah Jones.

    While certainly not the masterpiece promised during recording, “In Your Honour” is easily one of the strongest albums released this summer. Listeners will thoroughly enjoy the album if they can accept its flaws and allow the music to wash over them.