Freshmen: first impressions


    Chase Gentry, marketing major: “It’s a perfect size. Not too many people to get lost in the shuffle.”
    Thomas Pressly, business and political science major: “I was overwhelmed because I am from out of state, but people are very welcoming.”

    Jordan Buck, marketing major: “The great city and a college all in one.”

    Lauren Bortka, fashion merchandising major: “I came to cheer tryouts expecting a certain stereotype, but realized everyone’s really cool.”

    Zach Llewellyn, marketing major: “Great campus. The girls are amazing.”

    Mary Kotowski, nursing major: “I was scared at first, but everyone was really nice and made me feel at home.”

    Jordan Hatfield, premajor: “A lot of girls.”

    Brett Singer, marketing major: “Everyone’s really willing to meet new people.”

    Matt Morgan, finance major: “I’ve met every kind of person here. Some have been cool and some haven’t.”

    Emily Giesinger, advertising and public relations major: “It’s something very new. I’m just excited.