Froggie still excludes male riders


    Most everyone at TCU remembers learning about Froggie Five-0 while touring campus. Moms nodded in approval as a guide explained how the service would keep their daughters safe when walking across campus at night. The boys grumbled in the back as they were told that the service is only available to female students but that they are welcome to apply to be drivers.

    Somewhere along the lines, that translated into: “Only girls can use Froggie, and only boys can be drivers.”

    To set the record straight, anyone can drive for Froggie, but only female students can ride.

    Junior Jill Pollock, a female driver, said students are often confused when they see her pull up, and some even refuse to ride with her for safety reasons.

    Froggie Five-0’s administrators have defended the decision to allow female drivers, but they have not acknowledged the other half of the issue 8212; allowing male riders.

    TCU Police Sgt. Alvin Allcon wrote in an e-mail that the program is designed as a security escort for female students only, and though it has been discussed on numerous occasions, it does not allow male passengers at risk of the security issue of female students.

    Froggie Five-0 should re-evaluate its stance on male riders, just as it might have once thought twice about allowing female drivers.

    Male students are equally susceptible to the dangers of walking around campus alone at night, and female drivers are equally capable of keeping passengers safe.

    Opposition to either demonstrates gender-discriminative behavior that’s inappropriate and simply uncalled for.

    Web editor Andrea Drusch for the editorial board.