Fuzzy’s Taco Shop branches out


    With 23 new locations added in the past year, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is no longer just a Fort Worth treasure, its Berry Street manager said.

    General manager Bo Martino said the Tex-Mex taco shop, which originated across the street from the university a decade ago, expanded from five stores to 28 last year, including a recently opened restaurant in Madison, Wis., according to Fuzzy’s website.

    Five of the restaurants are corporate locations, and the rest are franchises, Martino said. The only difference between the franchise and corporate stores is that in the franchise stores someone else pays royalty fees to own and operate the restaurant, he said.

    “They still have to follow the strict guidelines of the company, and they get [inspected monthly] to make sure that that’s happening,” Martino said.

    Martino said the growth was particularly impressive when considering the current state of the economy.

    “A lot of people really don’t know much about it outside of the Fort Worth Metroplex,” Martino said. “Now that we’re getting our name out there, the growth is exponential.”

    Fuzzy’s has been no secret to students who, according to Martino, have been the bread and butter of the establishment.

    Senior fashion merchandising major Amber Harris said the line sometimes extended out the front door when she headed to Fuzzy’s with friends.

    “I really like the environment over there,” she said. “We always go there and socialize. We usually stay there for a really long time after we’ve eaten.”

    Senior political science major Ashley Velasquez and senior art history major Allie Huddleston said they come to Fuzzy’s a few times a month.

    Huddleston said she liked coming to Fuzzy’s because of the cheap tacos.

    “[They] are really yummy and you can get an entire meal for $4.20,” Huddleston said.

    Staff reporter Cathy Pham contributed to this report.

    New Fuzzy’s locations in Texas:




    Fort Worth – Camp Bowie Blvd.



    College Station






    Farmers Branch



    Cedar Park

    Locations out of state:

    Madison, Wis.

    Norman, Okla.

    Coming Soon:


    Albuquerque, NM