Given the opportunity, students should vote


    Picture yourself in a world where you couldn’t vote, didn’t have a say in government policies and couldn’t voice your opinion about issues that affect your own life.

    OK it seems similar to the BCS system, where a team’s flawless record doesn’t land it an automatic spot in a championship game, but where computer rankings determine the football championship.

    Imagine this system used for politics. For every speech, a point is given. For every commercial, a point is given. The winning candidate is determined by who has the most points.

    Luckily this isn’t the case and every American adult has the chance to vote into office the candidate who best represents his or her personal views.

    Students should use their right to vote and choose the candidate that stands for their own beliefs. While it may be hard to imagine how issues like education and tax increases apply to them, they do.

    Whether you are a few months or four years away from graduation, the time will soon come when you have to worry about taxes and the policies implemented by politicians in this election will affect your post-graduation lifestyle.

    Every American over the age of 18 is granted the right to vote so as students you should vote, because the government is not like the BCS and isn’t run by computer rankings.

    Sports editor Madison Pelletier for the editorial board.