Guns on campus are dangerous


    A bill in the Texas House would allow students with a concealed carry license to carry guns on public college campuses.

    While gun carriers must be 21 or older and undergo training on the proper handling of a gun, allowing students carrying concealed handguns to wander public campuses is a dangerous idea.

    Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills said he didn’t support the bill because it could create confusion for police reacting to a violent situation.

    In a hypothetical standoff, a poorly trained student pulling a gun to stop a rogue gunman could be shot either by police or by the gunman.

    This bill assumes that anyone carrying a handgun is a collected, rational person who wouldn’t hesitate to get between a hostage and a gunman. In reality, without extensive training, most people would react poorly in that situation.

    More guns won’t increase safety, something that Texans can’t seem to accept. If this passes, the next round of media coverage could be on the death of an innocent student who tried to save the day.

    Editor-in-chief Libby Davis for the editorial board.