Haunted houses, cult classic film serves as Halloween weekend fun


    Looking for a good scare this Halloween weekend? There are numerous haunted houses and other attractions in Fort Worth you can visit to get a good fright.The closest haunted house to campus is Hangman’s House of Horrors where this year’s theme is “Hangman’s Most Wanted,” but Hangman’s offers more than just your typical haunted house.

    There are actually four attractions at Hangman’s for people to enjoy. Each attraction charges separately, or you can buy the combination package to save a little money.

    The first and cheapest at $4 is the 3-D Fun House where it promises to take you into a new dimension of light, color and sound.

    Next, for $7, you have the Cirque de Fantomes, where Hangman’s challenges you to come and clown around with them – if you have the nerves.

    Hillbillies’ Revenge is advertised as where “Deliverance” ends and the real fright begins, and will also run you about $7.

    But let’s be honest, the main draw is the House of Horrors where you can, for $16, get more than half an hour worth of thrills on tour.

    Hangman’s isn’t the only haunted house in Fort Worth, and it isn’t even the biggest. That honor goes to Cutting Edge haunted house.

    Cutting Edge is located in a 235,000 square foot warehouse built in the late 1920s and sits in downtown Fort Worth.

    It is the world’s largest haunted house and promises this year to have a life-size animatronic T-Rex, crazed clowns, giant alligators and flying corpses to give the audiences a good scare.

    If haunted houses aren’t really your scene, head on over to the Ridgmar Movie Tavern to catch the midnight showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

    Not only do you get the chance to see this cult classic on the big screen, but it is also acted out live, and audience participation is highly encouraged.

    If all else fails, and the above options still don’t tickle your fancy, there is always good ol’ door-to-door trick-or-treating.