House makes personnel changes in semester’s last regular meeting


    The House of Representatives’ last meeting on Tuesday provided an eventful night with three big changes.The meeting entailed the resignation of a justice for the Student Government Association Judicial Board, the swearing in of a new chief justice and elections for speaker of the house and committee chairs for the House.

    Associate Chief Justice Jonathan Leer resigned his position Tuesday night because he said his faith and respect for student government has been shattered. Leer applied to be chief justice but said his application was cast aside.

    Neal Jackson was appointed by SGA President David Watson and was sworn in by Watson after the House voted in favor of the appointment.

    Although the election for the committee chairs for the House did not have any glitches, the third time was the charm for electing the speaker.

    After voting three times, the House elected John Campbell for speaker over Molly Marten. Campbell received 21 votes, while Marten had nine.