House of Representatives lacks officers


    Results are in for the House of Representatives elections, but not everyone is fully represented.Two colleges have one seat vacant. The College of Communications has five out of six seats filled, while the College of Science and Engineering has seven out of eight.

    The vacancies have left students wondering how it will impact them.

    Christa Owen, a sophomore early childhood education major, doesn’t think the vacancy will hurt students.

    “Because (the representatives) are committed, one seat vacancy shouldn’t make a difference,” Owen said.

    Kimmy Noneman, a sophomore early childhood education major, said she disagrees.

    “It is a disadvantage to not have the full amount of people,” Noneman said.

    Timing, not interest level, is the cause of the vacancy, said Faviola Lopez, a freshman accounting major.

    “It’s the beginning of the year,” Lopez said. “So many things are going on, nationally and locally.”

    The School of Business does not have a vacant seat but has a three-way tie for the last seat. A runoff election between Laura Hamilton, Katherine Jones and Sam Peck. will take place today at