House tables resolution to support Fair Trade


    The House of Student Representatives voted Tuesday to table a resolution to support Fair Trade at TCU to two committees, and Speaker of the House Sebastian Moleski stepped down from his position because of personal reasons.Sophomore representative Juliane Shaw presented the resolution with two students, Ericka Strickland and Seth Harris.

    Most farmers barely get any money because the middleman takes some of the profits, possibly forcing farmers to other sources of income – perhaps growing drug crops, Strickland said. Fair Trade cuts the middleman out and gives more money back to the farmers.

    Alyssa Garner, dining services chairwoman, said she was against passing the resolution because the idea in theory is good, but it wouldn’t work.

    “A reoccurring issue (with dining services) is the high prices,” she said. “Free Trade would increase the price in dollars, not cents. The last thing TCU needs is to increase prices.”

    Brian Andrew, university affairs chairman, disagreed with Garner because he said he wanted to see the option open to the students.

    “Leave (the decision) to the campus; see if the students want to pay the extra money,” Andrew said.

    After the debate ended, the resolution was tabled to university affairs and dinning services for further discussion.

    Moleski said he stepped down from his newly elected position of speaker because he needed to spend time researching graduate school.

    Trevor Smith, vice president of House of Student Representatives, said Moleski had good intentions for stepping down.

    “He’s moving on with his college career,” Smith said. “We’re sad to see him leave.”

    Ryan Johnson, parliamentarian of House, said: “It’s only natural for him to move on,” Johnson said.

    Elections to fill the vacant spot will be Tuesday.