Hyperfrogs to take spirit on road


    When TCU meets Oklahoma in Norman on Saturday, the Hyperfrogs plan to be there outfitted in purple.Hyperfrogs, a student spirit organization on campus that also participates in alcohol education, is chartering two buses to take TCU students to Norman, said Brett Buesnel, assistant sports marketing chair of the Hyperfrogs.

    “We need to get as many fans to Oklahoma as we can because this is a huge game,” Buesnel said, “and we need all the purple we can possibly get.”

    Crowd involvement and purple spirit is the Hyperfrogs’ main concern for Saturday. The organization wants to build momentum for the upcoming season, and it wants to show that TCU fans stand behind their school and their athletic community, said Hyperfrogs President Lance Kearns.

    “We want to go out there to build our pride aspect and show off our purple presence that supports our team,” Kearns said.

    The Hyperfrogs will arrive early enough to go over game etiquette and cheers, Kearns said. Prior to the game, they will paint their bodies purple and white for the full visual effect.

    “As a member, (Hyperfrogs) gives me the chance to support all teams,” Buesnel said, “and it also lets me be a part of the college sports experience.