Involvement on campus will promote constant spirit


    Tailgate one of many opportunities to get involved in TCU communityWith so many activities, clubs and organizations on campus, students almost have to work to not know what’s going on around them.

    The college years are an important time in many people’s lives, and getting involved and interacting with others at school only serves to enhance one’s experience.

    The new student tailgate is a prime example of this.

    It encourages students to come together and get involved in the TCU community.

    This tailgate, along with the hundreds of extracurricular activities available to TCU students, shows that involvement is a two-way street. The administration and some student activists have gone out of their way to create opportunities for students to enjoy.

    This only goes so far, however, as students need to take advantage of what is being offered.

    The university tailgate is an opportunity for all students to show their pride in our school and have some fun at the same time.

    This, and other activities, promote and encourage interaction among students and even have the potential to help them make new friends.

    School spirit and the pride of students who attend the university give the school its character. Students should become and/or stay involved in student activities, and the pride they take in their school should be around longer than just the week after a big win in football.

    We at the Skiff encourage all students to get involved in activities on campus. It’s a win-win situation: good for both the students who participate and for TCU as a whole.

    Copy Desk Chief Ryan Claunch for the Editorial Board