Issues, not faith should decide vote


    Nowadays it seems hard enough to get people to vote, but does voting actually help when the only thing people are looking at is what religious preference each candidate chooses?

    A January Zogby poll stated that 54 percent of voters want a president who mirrors biblical ideals of leadership, such as truthfulness, integrity and belief in God.

    Some people might be relying too much on faith to carry the presidential candidates as opposed to what their platforms actually provide for America.

    Although it is important to be able to relate to the person who is chosen to lead, religion cannot lead a country by itself.

    At this point in time it seems that we need a president who will provide the people with solutions on the best way help the economy or provide solutions on what can be done with the war in Iraq. Bringing religious aspects into the campaign is just an easy way candidates try to relate to the people to get votes, and sadly enough, it works.

    Candidates from both parties want people to believe that they are very religious and that every decision they will make while in the White House will be based off of faith.

    But before people vote they should consider who they want waking up to answer a phone call at 4 a.m. and making a life-changing decision in less than a minute that could affect the whole world.

    Instead of basing a vote on which candidates were seen in the news walking out of church, people should actually stop and listen to the candidates, because faith cannot change everything.