Krispy Kreme unoriginal; new treats needed


    Why is Fort Worth the 14th fattest city in America? Doughnuts!Out of the 50 cities Men’s Fitness surveyed in 2005, Fort Worth had the most doughnut shops per capita – four times the national average.

    Doughnuts are amazing. They are round, sugary cakes that feel good in the mouth. Who could resist such a thing?

    It’s no wonder that doughnuts are a favorite snack food. When someone brings treats to work or school, he or she nearly always brings doughnuts. After all, who doesn’t prefer sugary fun breakfast food to wholesome bagels?

    Unfortunately, Krispy Kreme doughnuts seem to be the doughnuts of choice. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them when they first came out. I especially loved the chocolate-and maple-topped doughnuts. But people rarely bring the fancy stuff, and let’s face it – plain glazed Krispy Kremes just don’t make the cut.

    TCU used to have a Baskin Robbins/Dunkin’ Donuts right next door. For me, that was dreamland. Not only did Baskin Robbins have a great variety of flavors for the price of soft serve, but also Dunkin’ Donuts had a variety of inexpensive but delightful cake doughnuts and doughnut holes.

    My friends and I made multiple trips a week.

    Imagine my horror when, returning from a semester abroad, I found the store was no longer in business.

    I tried to fill my cravings with Krispy Kreme, but it just wasn’t a satisfactory replacement. Not only were there few choices, but also the doughnuts were too sugary. Cake doughnuts have some substance that balances out the sweet stuff, making them sit much nicer in the belly.

    And to my surprise, Krispy Kreme doughnuts actually cost more!

    So while I appreciate people who bring treats, I ask for some creativity. Next time, find a more interesting doughnut store: shows 92 stores in the Fort Worth area. It wouldn’t take much to sample a few of these; you might even find something that catches your fancy.

    And if searching for a new doughnut leaves you cold, I suggest trying a new and different option. For a recent birthday, a colleague brought petit fours, small cakes from Blue Bonnet Bakery. Another creative classmate brought trays of tarts. These snack foods were original and different, a welcome departure from Krispy Kreme.

    Traditional treats are always another option – no one can turn down baked goods. Chocolate chip cookies, Rice Krispies treats or a good old cake can go a long way and have the added benefit of being homemade.

    Everyone appreciates treats and everyone should keep bringing them. But the next time, try for something a little more interesting. No one wants more Krispy Kreme.

    Stephanie Weaver is a senior English, philosophy and French major from Westwood, Kan.