LEAPS promotes literacy awareness program


    Students will come together Saturday for a program to help get Fort Worth elementary and middle school students to read.

    Reading Frogs is an event that happens once a semester at which students read and hand out books to about 500 students, ages five to 13, to get them excited about reading and show that it is cool, TCU liaison for Reading Frogs Brett Neal said.

    “The schools the students come from have low literacy rates and [the event] gives [TCU students] an opportunity to help with their reading,” Neal said.

    This year, Neal said Reading Frogs has about 200 students coming to help from TCU LEAPS.

    Coaches also send TCU athletes to volunteer and members of the dance team show up, as well as cheerleaders and a number of Greek students, Neal said.

    “It’s really cool to see how affected the students are when someone is actually trying to help them, especially if you get a football player with them,” Neal said.

    At the end of the event, Neal said the children get to take books home with them and have one of the volunteers sign it and give them an encouraging message.

    Neal said he enjoys being involved with Reading Frogs because he is able to help young students read and find a love for reading.

    “I have been a part of this for four years, and it’s a really humbling experience to see the love of reading in the kids’ eyes, especially from those who go from hating reading to loving it once you tell them how cool it is,” Neal said.

    Reading Frogs

    When: Saturday 8-11 a.m.

    Where: Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility

    Reading Frogs is open to any student wanting to volunteer.