Letter from the Editor-in-Chief: Why does your Skiff look different?


    So you picked up a Skiff today and you may have noticed it looks a little different from last year. We spent the summer redesigning both our print and web products to give you, gentle reader, a better media experience.

    Our new print version has switched from a broadsheet to a tabloid format, which doubles the number of pages while shrinking the overall format. This makes it much easier to read the Skiff anywhere, even in class. The new print format also allows for more creativity in how we package our stories. You’ll see more multimedia, more graphics and more cartoons. Plus, the new puzzles are pretty sweet.

    Our website has also drastically improved. Our homepage is much more visually appealing and we’ll have more videos, photos and polls. We’ll also have live updates of major sporting events as well as faster updates during the day for our stories.

    We’re looking to get our readership involved. We’ve started new regular features8212; Frog Feature and the Purple Poll. Frog Feature will spotlight a faculty, staff member or student. The best part? You, the reader, will be able to nominate who we cover.

    The Purple Poll is a daily poll that will reflect campus thoughts about events relating to the university. We’ll select some of the best answers and publish the results in the paper.

    We’d appreciate your thoughts and you can provide feedback, Frog Feature suggestions, story tips and letters to the editor at TCUDailySkiff.com.

    Editor-in-Chief Libby Davis for the editorial board.