Letter to the editor: Faith should be factor when voting


    I would like to heartily disagree with the Skiff’s view that faith should not be a deciding factor in a candidate’s race for president.

    While I agree that religion and politics should remain separate, faith should still register in voters’ minds. The simple fact of the matter is that faith could help people determine what those candidates might do in a tough situation.

    The Skiff uses the example from Hillary Clinton’s commercial about making a decision at 3 a.m. What the Skiff fails to recognize is that people of faith might choose a better path because of what their faith has taught them through life.

    Further, people tend to hold others in higher positions of authority to much greater standards than they perhaps even follow themselves. Would you want a president with no moral compass or a sense of right and wrong?

    In this case I am not even sure it’s about which religious values, but that a candidate has values at all.

    Issues are a big part of the election, but they by no means tell the whole story of the candidate. To just throw them to the side is an intolerable injustice.

    Thomas Guidry graduated from TCU in 2007.