Letters to the editor


    Skiff misses mark covering KatrinaIn the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, hundreds of thousands of poor souls in Louisiana and Mississippi are now homeless, out of work and searching for food, clean water and a dry place to sleep. Yet the Skiff, in an amazing lapse of judgment, neglects to devote even a sentence of coverage on its front page in Wednesday’s edition.

    Worse, its editors wrote an insensitive, asinine and ignorant editorial that said the hurricane pales in comparison to “horrific tragedies of mass proportions.” Relying on incomplete body counts – which have since ballooned to thousands – the Skiff called reporting emotional reaction to the disaster “an insult.”

    I’m pretty embarrassed to see such a misguided editorial. I am also dismayed that student journalists would have such a shoot-the-messenger mentality.

    I sincerely hope the editors exercise better judgment in the future.

    Brandon Ortiz, class of 2004 and former editor in chief of the Skiff and Image magazine

    Skiff should mind what it prints

    If not for advance warning, Hurricane Katrina surely would have exacted a human toll equal to the devastation of property.

    I suggest that Brian Chatman turn his television on before he speaks for the Skiff Editorial Board again.

    Susan Layne, TCU London Centre Coordinator

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    Editor’s frankness appreciated

    Thanks so much for your candid approach in Thursday’s (August 25) editorial (“You’ve got to believe it’s getting better, it’s getting better all the time”).

    It was well-written and so true. It is rare to have such a controversial set of subjects portrayed in such an accurate, well-researched way. Thanks for digging deep enough to understand the win-win and sometimes no-win situations we find ourselves in.

    Christy Lehew, Residential Services