Lifting the Lid


    Students searching for a clean and traffic-free restroom on campus may not have to look very far.

    When looking for a restroom, students tend to look for specific criteria before visiting the facilities. These are cleanliness, doors that close or lock properly, stalls that are fully stocked with toilet paper and an ample supply of paper towels. It is also important that the restrooms have several stalls to choose from in case there is a line. But of course, not having to deal with any lines is a plus.

    A search was conducted to create a list of the best and worst restrooms on campus with the aid of several students and a little investigative reporting. The following is a list of the five best and five worst.

    The Top 5

    1. Sadler Hall on the third floor

    “The restrooms on the third floor of Sadler Hall are the nicest,” said senior electronic business major James McCombs. “They have the softest toilet paper.”

    McCombs said he had heard of people taking rolls of toilet paper from the stalls for their own personal use.

    2. Any in the Steve and Betsy Palko Building

    These restrooms are new and have clean facilities. The doors didn’t stick and there were no scratches or graffiti on the stalls.

    3. Any in the Brown-Lupton University Union

    They’re shiny, new and well taken care of. What more is there to want?

    4. The bottom floor of the University Recreation Center

    Because these are located in the Rec Center, there are plenty of stalls. There are lots of mirrors in case you need to freshen up. Showers and hair dryers are also conveniently located in these restrooms for patrons who need to clean up after a long workout.

    5. The bottom floor of the Bailey Building

    “I look for any reason to visit the restrooms in the education building, they are so clean,” said senior theatre major Meg Bauman.

    The facilities in the Bailey Building were clean and were stocked with toilet paper and paper towels. There were no issues with any of the stall doors upon inspection.

    It’s not on the list, but if you can find it, there is secret restroom located in Ed Landreth Hall.

    “The restroom is small and older, but not a lot of people know about know about it,” said junior theatre major Jule Nelson-Duac.

    It is great when you don’t want to wait, Nelson-Duac said.

    The Bottom 5

    1. Milton Daniel Hall

    “The bathrooms in Milton are the worst,” McCombs said.

    Milton Daniel is a coed dorm and has both male and female restrooms. McCombs couldn’t describe the women’s, but described the men’s restrooms as dirty.

    2.The first floor of the Mary Couts Burnett Library

    “I go to the restrooms in Sid Richardson, and I avoid the restrooms in the library at all costs,” said sophomore radio-TV-film major Hillary Curtis.

    The restroom on the first floor of the library is small and needs to have its paper supply restocked. On the plus side, there is a large mirror to use for makeup touch-ups and a couch. The couch does come in handy when there is a line for the stalls and when you need a place to park your bags. However, lines for this restroom are a common occurrence as Bistro Burnett and its selection of soft drinks, bottled juices, water and coffee are conveniently located next to the restrooms.

    3. Second floor in Moudy Building South

    The restrooms on the second floor of Moudy South are also in need of a makeover. The sink in the women’s restroom on the far left needs to be fixed, it leaks but does not spout water. The door on the first stall sticks and toilet paper can occasionally be found on the floor of the stalls.

    4. Any in Beasley Hall

    “It’s old and busy,” Nelson-Duac said.

    5. In the TCU Barnes & Noble

    This is not the worst of the bottom five, but on occasion toilet paper and paper towels litter the floors. Also, the restroom itself is hard to find and can be confused with the storage area.