Limiting transfer credits costly


    College students are always looking for ways to save a little extra money, but TCU has just taken away one option students used to have.Now, once students have enrolled at TCU, they are only able to transfer in up to 12 credit hours from a community college, institutions where students usually go during summer and winter breaks to knock out lower-level courses for a fraction of the price.

    These 12 hours must be completed before a student has earned 54 cumulative hours.

    To take classes outside of TCU, whether at a community college or another university, a student must obtain special permission from the dean of his or her specific college.

    Many students used to take summer or winter classes at their local community colleges, but with the policy change, they may not be able to do this anymore.

    Currently, TCU charges $800 for every credit hour taken, while the same class at Tarrant Community College is only $50 for every credit hour.

    Tuition rises every year and currently stands close to $23,000. Why not allow students the opportunity to earn additional lower-level classes completed for a fraction, almost 94 percent less, of the cost?

    William Slater, dean of the College of Communication, said the limit will ensure that students graduating from TCU received a TCU-accredited education, but does it really make a difference where you take a basic public speaking class?

    Not all students, or their parents, can afford enrollment in TCU’s summer school sessions. Limiting the number of transfer hours allowed puts these students in a financial bind.

    Some students already feel TCU is taking them for all they’re worth. Does TCU really need another reason to make them feel this way?

    Students are always scraping for money. Don’t take away one of the easiest ways for them to save it.

    – Features editor Jeff Eskew for the editorial board