Look at issues with objectivity


    It is important to realize that when a subject such as the death penalty is being discussed or debated on television or in public, that very little is solved when there are talking heads yelling and screaming that they are the ones who are right.There are several serious issues that, over the years, continue and will continue to spark heated debates among the public. Along with the issues of gun control and abortion is capital punishment.

    To understand and properly assess a situation such as the death penalty, it is important to look at the issue objectively. It doesn’t do much good to quickly jump to conclusions and be dead-set on them. People change over time, and their views on certain topics may as well.

    Being objective doesn’t mean giving up what they believe in and going along with someone else’s opinions or views. Being objective allows someone to see and understand all sides and viewpoints of a particular topic, such as the death penalty.

    This alone can increase someone’s knowledge and either backup their argument, or help them see an issue from a different angle.

    No matter what one’s opinion on the death penalty is, it never hurts to research and find out what you can do on your own. Knowledge someone discovers on their own is always better than simply relying on what others say.

    Journey of Hope is an excellent example of an organization who seeks to show several facets and views on the death penalty and not focus exclusively on what is right or wrong.

    No matter what your personal view on the death penalty is, learning more about it through organizations such as Journey of Hope can’t do you any harm. You might even gain from it.

    Copy Desk Chief Ryan Claunch for the Editorial Board