Men’s golf ready for big opponents


    The men’s golf team will travel to the Third Annual Memphis Intercollegiate Tournament to play in a 54-hole tournament Monday and Tuesday.The team has already had a good start to its season with a second-place finish in its first tournament and a 12th-place finish in the Carpet Capital Collegiate.

    The team is currently ranked No. 13 by Golf Digest, which, the players said, has given it confidence and focus to succeed.

    “We have five guys who are capable of winning any tournament at any time,” said senior Drew Stoltz, who placed second in the first tournament of the season.

    Two players on the team are ranked among the top 50 in the nation by Golfweek magazine: Jon McLean at No. 33 and Drew Stoltz at No. 49.

    Team members said they feel they have a good shot at winning this tournament, but remained cautious about being considered a top prospect.

    “It’s almost more pressure going into a tournament if you’re favored,” said sophomore Jesse Speirs.

    With this tournament and the two remaining tournaments of the semester, the team’s focus is to gain experience before its major tournaments begin in the spring.

    Stoltz said these tournaments help the players experience college-level golf and learn to help each other become successful.

    In the Memphis Intercollegiate Tournament, the team will face larger schools such as Nebraska, Mississippi and Wisconsin. The five players who qualified to play are Jon McLean, Drew Stoltz, Jesse Speirs, Tom Miles and Franklin Corpening.

    Head coach Bill Montigel stressed the importance of each player’s part in the tournament.

    “If we play to our potential – all the players – then we have a good shot,” Montigel said.

    None of the players has any experience with the course, but the practice round on Sunday assures good preparation for strategy during the tournament, Montigel said.

    Thirty-six holes will be played Monday and a final round of 18 holes Tuesday.