Movie Review: Bad acting, boring hero leaves ’88 minutes’ lacking


    It is always a shame when a movie with so much promise turns out to be a disappointment. In “88 Minutes,” John Gramm (Al Pacino) works as a college professor and a psychiatrist for the FBI. Upon receiving a phone call in which someone threatens to kill him in “88 minutes,” Gramm must narrow down the suspects ­­­- who are all pretty much his students – before time runs out.

    This movie might have been good, but it turns out to be a thriller without any thrill. Al Pacino displays none of the magic that has made him a Hollywood legend. It is difficult to believe that the actor who stars as John Gramm is the same man who played memorable characters such as Michael Corleone and Tony Montana.

    There is nothing new or interesting about the protagonist and the supporting characters any more than there is anything new or interesting about the story. The plot twists are either incredibly ridiculous or easily predictable. Whichever way, the audience will be groaning or laughing throughout the viewing.

    This movie fails to entertain, and the audience will find itself wondering when it will end. Pacino could not save this movie even if he tried (which he does not). “88 Minutes” is too much time for this stinker to come to its uninteresting and predictable conclusion.