Music Review


    America is Waiting’s debut EP, “In the Lines,” is geared toward those who seek an album more progressive and fast-paced than many recent releases.The EP, like a Hitchcock thriller, aims to build the tension into a volcanic conclusion. And, for the first four songs, this EP seems poised to burst into a spectacular conclusion. These songs wind guitar riffs reminiscent of the Mars Volta around the frantic heartbeat of the rhythm section and then punctuate those with quick bursts of silence, drawing the listeners to the edge of their seats and then allowing them to sink back and breathe a sigh of relief.

    However, the latter half of the EP employs no new tricks. The riffs start to seem repetitive, and by the time it reaches its not-so-epic conclusion, the EP seems somewhat convoluted and extremely drawn-out at just over half an hour.

    – Matt Petersen