receives upgrades


    Updates to the website, which took place in late July, have gone nearly unnoticed by university students. The changes were meant to be as seamless as possible, Josh Harmon, director of Enterprise Application Services, said.

    What students may notice are the changes in the Student Center section. Enrollment, degree progress, transcripts, grades and other academic planning resources are now found in a drop-down folder entitled “other academic…”

    While the updates may have been an inconvenience to many students in summer school at the time, they are stepping-stones to some new amenities to help students plan their course schedules. Harmon said a program called “Backpack” may be partially available to students later this semester. A “Backpack” will be a graduation planning tool that will allow students to essentially plan out their schedules for each semester their four years at the university. Once the classes become available, the schedule is already laid out and students can enroll in those courses with one click, Miller said.

    Senior art history major Kathryn Brill said she noticed few changes on the updated website. She said the extra planning section may be helpful in signing up for next semester’s classes.