New Greek housing should be well thought-through


    The Board of Trustees and the university have been discussing renovating the Greek houses on campus. Craig Allen, director of Housing & Residence Life, said the proposed plans include a common area for students as well as a new dining room. Allen also said a project of this size would take three to five years to complete.

    Whatever the final design is, for the sake of the students at TCU, let’s hope the school will have a well thought-out plan for construction that ensures on-campus housing for students without sacrificing several more parking spaces.

    Since the completion of the Campus Commons in 2007, along with newer construction initiatives around campus, the number of parking spaces available for students has declined while admission continues to grow. According to a Skiff article from last semester, 300 freshmen were living in converted rooms at the start of the semester.

    If the project will take multiple years to complete, there needs to be a plan in place so all students can live in a proper dorm room and have sufficient parking available.

    And maybe, just maybe, once construction is completed, those 7 a.m. wake-up calls from a jackhammer will be a thing of the past.

    News editor Patrick Burns for the editorial board.