New year, new Skiff: We want your feedback


    As soon as one school year ends, it seems, the next one begins.So here we are, preparing for the new semester (my last).

    In front of the residence halls, refrigerator boxes have formed interesting sculptures on the freshly mowed lawn – kitty corner to the dumpster, might I add.

    Parking is a fire hazard in itself, not to mention I couldn’t afford the $75 parking permit if I wanted one.

    To solve that problem, I’ve invested in running shoes; now all I’ll need is a shower in the Moudy Building South. Oh how I’ll glisten – and stink – in class.

    The bookstore is still flooded with students and parents in a last-minute search for used books so they can save a dime or two (and that’s about all they will save).

    And, for the last two weeks, reporters, editors, advertisers and designers have been buzzing around The Skiff to prepare today’s issue – the first of 55.

    As the editor in chief this semester, I feel it is my duty to distribute a quality paper that you will want to pick up every day for a reason other than the crossword puzzle (but don’t worry, we are still having the crossword puzzle).

    The editorial board is different. The reporters are different. What we are doing is different.

    We are a fresh staff with new ideas.

    I hope that you will realize and see what things we are adding to the paper.

    In addition to the crossword, we are adding word searches, trivia, humorous columns and cartoons to the etc. page.

    We will produce an entertainment page every Thursday, starting Sept. 1, so you can find things to do on the weekend.

    And we would like your feedback.

    We want to know what you like and dislike; if you have any story, content or visual ideas.

    The paper is for the TCU community (you know who you are), and we want to base what goes into it on you.

    We are excited for the changes we’ve implemented, and we hope you will be too.

    Take a chance. Pick up a Skiff (as you just did), read it (ditto), give us feedback and enjoy.