Noted author to hold lecture series on current issues


    Distinguished author Joel Spring, the College of Education’s Green Honors Chair, is visiting campus this week to hold a series of lectures and discussions on current issues including sustainability, globalization and politics.

    Assistant Professor Fran Huckaby said the university had various reasons for selecting Spring and inviting him to campus.

    One reason is that the College of Education has been using Spring’s books in a diversity of education class for several years. Students had good discussions and questions about his work in class, she said.

    “His work is really intriguing because he brings in a study of legal issues, he brings in a study of history, he brings in cultural studies,” Huckaby said. “There aren’t very many scholars who really bridge and bring all of those disciplines together in their work, and Joel Spring does a very good job of doing that.”

    Another reason the university chose to bring Spring in at this time is its growing commitment to sustainability on campus, Huckaby said. Spring’s background fits well with the university’s “Think Purple, Live Green” campaign. “I think that he offers the possibility of beginning to bridge some of those conversations that we’re having on a university level,” Huckaby said. “And then he also offers some unique perspectives to the College of Education.” Huckaby said it benefits students to have the Green Honors Chair visit campus because they get to meet someone who they have studied and who is well known in the field.

    The event also presents an opportunity for students, faculty and the community to join together and be in the same audience, Huckaby said.

    Spring’s first speech will be held on Tuesday and cover “Environmental Education, Globalization, and Consumerism.” The speech will focus on the issues of sustainability and global awareness in the realm of education, Huckaby said.

    “Politics of Education,” Spring’s second lecture, will be held on Wednesday.

    “We thought that the people who might want to hear a conversation on environmental sustainability or globalization would be potentially a different audience … than might want to come to politics in education,” Huckaby said.

    Having two lectures also makes it more likely that students who want to come will be able to, Huckaby said.

    In addition to the lectures students will have several other opportunities to meet Spring, including an open discussion and luncheon on integrating sustainability on Tuesday.

    Who: Author Joel Spring, College of Education Green Honors Chair

    Where: Palko 130, Amon G. Carter Lecture Hall

    When: Tuesday Sept. 29 and Wednesday Sept. 30 from 5-6:30 p.m.

    Tuesday: “Environmental Education, Globalization, and Consumerism.”

    Wednesday: “Politics of Education.”

    Events are free and open to the public.