On The Town – Hyena?s Comedy Night Club


    If you like fruity drinks and “fruity” laughs,
    then Hyena’s Comedy Night Club is the place
    for you.

    This place may come off a little gothic and
    mysterious as you walk down a long, black set
    of stairs into a large, dark room with a bar in
    the front and pool tables hidden in the back. A
    bouncer leads guests down a dark hall through
    a dark door into an even darker room. This room
    is packed with people with a small lit-up stage
    in front. This is the comedy club showroom. It’s
    a little mysterious, but unique. I loved it.
    The comedy club showroom is small and cramped,
    which is a little annoying. But the large variety
    unique alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks make
    up for it. From virgin peach pina coladas to cherry
    limeades to strawberry daiquiris with light-up
    shot glasses, the Hyena’s Comedy Night Club
    has it.
    The only catch is that there is a two-item minimum
    purchase per person in the showroom.Though
    the drinks are good, they’re not cheap! The cover
    charge is $10, and you must be at least 18 to
    But if you come on a good night, the laughs are
    great and worth the money and the extra forced
    sips of your drinks. I saw a great comedian who
    had performed on Def Comedy Jam and a few
    cable TV shows, who was creatively funny.
    Only downside: he was a little vulgar. These shows
    are definitely not for kids, and neither is the tipsy
    audience. The comedians’ topics are for mature
    audiences only, which makes it funny, but also
    a little uncomfortable at times.
    My advice to attendees: prepare to spend money;
    prepare to sit close next to friendly and talkative
    tipsy laughers; prepare to hear a few vulgar words
    and topics; and most important 8212; check the
    Hyena’s Comedy Night Club Web site before
    you go. The site lists the featured comedians for
    each night and a brief biography.
    If you follow these tips, your time at the club will
    be a mysterious, fun experience that will have you
    coming back for more 8212; or at least for the tasty,
    fruity drinks. That’s why I’m going back.