On The Town – ICE at The Parks


    It’s spring time in Texas and summer is quickly
    approaching. What better way to escape than
    on a 210-foot patch of ice?
    For only $9, the general public can rent skates and
    hit up ICE at the Parks at Arlington, an Olympicsize
    skating rink.

    Open for interested skaters, birthday parties,
    skating lessons and hockey leagues, the rink,
    which is located in The Parks mall, has become a
    local staple for youth and adult time-killing.
    Of course, for some, moving on ice with blades
    attached to their feet might seem like a foreign
    or even intimidating concept.
    No need to worry. The ice is occupied by
    skaters of varying skill. It has got the standard
    Wildlife on the trails is hit or miss depending on
    the time of day you arrive. If you reach the trails
    before 9 a.m., the odds of seeing deer are a little
    bit higher, and for the most part the animals do
    not scare easily. This is not advocating walking
    up next to the wildlife in a Ghillie Suit, but if you
    are quiet, you could spot a small fawn.
    If you are a fan of bird-watching, some hawks
    drift overhead throughout the day, giving another
    peaceful addition to the trail. The crowning
    moment of wildlife searching at the trails is the
    bison preserve in the Nature Center.
    A few hours spent away from the sounds of the
    city is all it takes to find tranquility in the harsh
    reality of the daily grind, and Canyon Ridge Trail
    is the place to find that peace of mind.
    8212; Marcus Murphree
    The snack bar selection is normal for an entertainment
    center, but at $2 a hotdog, you may
    want to bring your own food.
    Outside, the miniature golf course is very cute,
    with statues of zoo animals and fun colors.
    The 54 holes don’t list a par, so those who
    enjoy the challenge of trying to sink their ball
    in a lower than average number of shots will
    instead have to be content with competing
    for the lowest score among their friends. Each
    hole is also somewhat shorter than an average
    miniature golf course, so if you’re looking
    to prolong a date, you may want to play
    multiple games.
    wall-huggers, the “Hey, look I can do it now”
    skaters, double axel semi-pros and every type
    in between.
    Young girls with shiny, new white skates and
    burly men with intimidating hockey contraptions
    strapped to their feet can be seen at the rink.
    ICE at The Parks offers a cheap answer to boring
    Thursday nights. From 7-8 p.m. every Thursday,
    the rink has “Cheap Skate.” For $5 a couple gets
    admission, skates and, hopefully, a good time.
    Skating is not the only way to have fun at the
    rink. Several youth and adult hockey leagues call
    it their home and everyone is invited to watch.
    It doesn’t get much better than stubborn dads
    on ice in an amateur hockey league … at least
    that’s the rink’s staff consensus.
    With so much to do on the ice, it’s almost not
    fair that outside of its Plexiglas walls is a land of
    shopping, food and additional entertainment.
    Too cold from the ice? Grab a hot pretzel or a
    steaming cup of coffee. A little tired from an
    intense skate around the rink? Check out what’s
    playing at the mall’s movie theater.
    It all boils down to people having a relaxing and
    fun time participating in something that they
    probably don’t do too often if at all.